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Friday, July 3, 2009


Zombiefest required more efforts than I originally thought, although most people said it is easy. I were constantly worried there were not enough zombies, although they would be re-spawned until we downed 2nd boss - Salramm the Fleshcrafter. Keirbear tanked him outside the inn and we try to damage him as slowly as we could while we waiting for the zombies to re-spawn. We were stunned a while when he is dead before all the zombies were re-spawned.

Then, we helped Arthas clear the inn, Chrono-Lord Epoch, and then enter the secret passage to the invaded street. At the same time, Keirbear, Akkrab and Apocalypsed went back to the entrance to kite all the zombies all the way to the beginning of invaded street. We brought all the zombies down including the first few groups in the street and had a nice fest.

Group: , Keirbear (T), Akkrab (D/T), Bruezza (D), Cologane (D), Apocalypsed(H)

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