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Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure

Fished up this book today and it appears interesting.

The tiny gnome peered over the railing
into the secluded Dalaran courtyard.

"The view from the balcony is
amazing, you have to come see!"

Armor legplates creaked as Marcus
walked over, taking in a deep breath
as he absently scratched his scruffy

"The Hero's Welcome is no slouch.
And there's something in the room that
might interest you."

Tavi bounded into the room, pausing
only a moment before jumping on the
massive bed. She turned to gaze at
Marcus with her huge saucer-like
eyes, narrowing them playfully and
replacing her glowing smile with a
diabolical grin.

"Interested in some company?" She
purred as her hands weaved through a
complex summoning ritual, stopping
only when she felt the warmth of a
new presence behind her.

All color drained from Marcus' face
as he struggled to protest. "I... I don't
think that's appropriate."

Confused, Tavi turned to see what
was wrong. A hideous fel hound stood
ready, drooling onto the floor as it
stared intently at the half-armored

"No! No, that's not what I meant." She
stammered as she dispelled the hungry
demon. "I'm sorry, that's not really my

Marcus took both her hands in one of
his and he reassured her. "It's fine.
What is your specialization?"

Her head snapped up, eyes burning with
renewed life as shadow energy
channeled through her hands into
Marcus, dropping him to his knees in

"Affliction, actually."

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