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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Naxxramas: The Undying

Finally, we have made it for The Undying,
Stress is inevitable during the attempt, so
try to relax, stay calm and play safe help a lot.

Below are some tips from the eyes of warlock.

Military QuarterConstruct Wing
  • Patchwerk - Nothing special here.
  • Grobbulus - Run away from the raid when Mutating Injection.
  • Gluth - Stay away from zombies, and aoe them after Decimate.
  • Thaddius - Watch for ledge boss, a couple of us missed the jump due to nervous. If it happens, go back to the platform, wait for the right polarity before making another jump. After that, change side according to Polarity Shift.
Plague Wing
Spider Wing
Frostwyrm Lair
Lastly, good luck and congratulate to the team.

Raid: Premonition

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