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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gearing up PVP warlock as Raider

Assume we already have iLvl 213+ PVE gears from Naxxramas Heroic, and the goal is to replace them with equivalent PVP gears from various sources. Below are possible options:

Purchase Non-Set Deadly Gladiator (Ring, Cloak, Waist, Wrist, Neck, Feet) gears using honor.

Fight in Wintergrasp and purchase Titan-forged (Waist, Chest, Trinket) gears with Wintergrasp Mark of Honor.

Defeat Emalon the Storm Watcher weekly in normal /heroic mode and hope Deadly Gladiator (Mainly Hands, Chest, Legs etc.) or Furious Gladiator (Hands, Legs, Ring, Cloak, Waist, Wrist, Neck, Feet) gears drop and you win the roll.

Purchase Deadly Gladiator (Mainly Head, Shoulder etc.) gears using Emblem of Conquest.

Purchase some of the best Gladiator gears if we ever play arena and hit 1300+ personal and team rating.

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